quote icon Barnet Social Worker for GS

It's good your team have carers who speak english well and understand British culture

quote icon SA Daughter

Thank you all very much for ensuring that my mother was able to make it to Milton Keynes for her great granddaughter’s first birthday party. She had a fabulous time. It was also beautiful to have photos of the 4 generations! We will all treasure this moment forever.

quote icon Barnet Psychologist

If it means anything to know, I have been really impressed by the level ofknowledge/approaches that Dionne and Kole have shown in our meetings andtheir creativity etc (not that I am here to judge).

quote icon Haringey Social Worker

Dear Sarah,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Nwando Care who for more than a year provided care and support to JG. She appreciated the attentiveness and kindness of your carers and would not have been able to remain in the community for as long as she did without your support.

Thank you very much for the quality of care you provided to JG.

She has moved to a nursing home placement close to her family where they are able to visit her on a daily basis.

quote icon Private client

Pricella and Celina is doing a very good job am quite happy with them. Overall am happy to see the improvement.

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